Director of Engineering (2017–present)
Capital One
New York, New York

Responsible for bank self-servicing, including branch/ATM finding interfaces, NodeJS/Angular applications for customers to manage their accounts, and Java-based servicing platforms.

Lead Software Engineer (2015–2017)
Capital One
New York, New York

Led a team which built full-stack NodeJS/Angular/Java applications and APIs, pushing toward federated, autonomous deployment to AWS. Contributed to building components to be used across all Capital One lines of business in the new customer self-servicing platform.

Principal Software Engineer (2014–2015)
New York, New York

I monitored and improved Gilt's front end performance using both RUM and synthetic monitoring, and optimized third party tagging and analytics integrations with an eye toward maintainability and speed.

I continued to assist with the transition to serving responsive web applications to all devices. In addition, I cared for core shared libraries, helped with the design of new features, wrote documentation, reviewed code, mentored other engineers, sat on Gilt's Architecture Board, and gave the occasional conference or meetup talk.

Most recently, I rebuilt Gilt's product search and listing application, adding editorial content capabilities at all responsive viewports and re-architecting the front end into a full Backbone application.

Lead UI Architecture Engineer (2010–present)
New York, New York

After starting at Gilt, working on some smaller projects, and then building the front end for the now-defunct parkandbond.com, I formed and led the UI Architecture team for over two years. We made user interfaces, internal tools, and front end code for use across all the Gilt sites, and optimized asset deployment and front end performance.

Senior Software Engineer (2008–2010)
Condé Nast
New York, New York

I was a front end engineer on the Platform Architecture team at Condé Nast Digital.

I was involved with planning new features and applications for the publishing platform, consulting during design phases of projects, modifying XML schemas, writing reusable code for use across all the company's sites, and contributing to and maintaining core JavaScript libraries.

I also built JavaScript, CSS and HTML for new site launches and modifications to existing sites. I worked on sites such as glamour.com, self.com, gq.com, golfdigest.com, brides.com and wmagazine.com.

Lead Front End Developer (2007-2008)
Sayers Media Group
Buffalo, New York

I built HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and set standards and procedures for front-end coding practices. I managed the front-end design and development team.

Front End Developer (2005-2007)
Aurora Consulting Group, Inc
East Aurora, New York

I led Fisher-Price’s multi-year transition from tables to CSS-based layout.

I wrote C# view classes to generate standards-compliant XHTML, crafted CSS for the company’s brand sites, ensuring cross-browser compatibility, and built JavaScript to handle common functionality across many brand sites, including a View Larger ajax implementation. I evangelized web standards to the company, giving many presentations on CSS, semantic XHTML, usability and accessibility.


Date APIs
Wrappers around Moment.js

Moment.js is a third-party date library. However, its API is confusing and not compatible with Gilt’s front end standards. These wrappers allow the use of moment.js’s logic without using its API.

Slideshow Application
Design Pattern Bingo

A JavaScript slideshow application using a client-side model-view-controller (MVC) architecture. The slideshow uses an ISlide interface to define a contract for slides, so that different types of slides can be inserted into a slideshow safely. Commands are used to manipulate the slideshow, and prototypal inheritance is used for various navigation components. Created in 2008, before the advent of easy JavaScript templating languages, I wrote a primitive schema parser to return compiled HTML for various types of standard platform content items.

Condé Nast
Site Relaunches

Wrote a substantial portion of the front end code for the magazine publishing platform, including JavaScript and jQuery plugins. Architected the CSS for overall page layout and features. The sites have all redesigned since then.

  • golfdigest.com
  • gq.com
  • glamour.com
  • brides.com
Isn’t he cute?
A blast from the past

I wrote lots of code for the old Fisher-Price site. It’s pretty funny to look at now, but at least I have been writing good comments for a long time.

Recognition, Speaking, Writing (coming not-so-soon)


Master of Architecture studies (2001-2005)
University at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York
3.75 gpa

Completed coursework and thesis defense. Thesis explores a translation from music to architecture through an analytic, reductive process.

Bachelor of Music (2000)
University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, Washington
3.79 gpa