Principal Software Engineer (2014–present)
New York, New York

As part of the Special Operations team, I work on web performance monitoring and optimization and third-party integrations. I continue to work on the efforts to build responsive web applications for all devices, and contribute to shared core front end libraries.

Lead UI Architecture Engineer (2010–2014)
New York, New York

I led the UI Architecture team at Gilt. We created cross-site interface components, built tools for code management, testing, and deployment, optimize performance, and designed APIs and shared front end code libraries.

Senior Software Engineer (2008–2010)
Condé Nast
New York, New York

As part of the Platform Architecture group at Condé Nast Digital, I was involved in planning new features for the company’s magazine publishing platform, consulting during design phases of projects, and working closely with information architects in wireframing and modifications to XML schemas. I architected JavaScript applications for use across all Condé Nast sites, was a core committer to the front end code libraries, and built JSP/JSTL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript for new site launches and modifications to existing sites. I created an MVC JavaScript slideshow application used in nearly twenty sites.

Manager of Front End Design (2007-2008)
Sayers Media Group
Buffalo, New York

I designed and built the front end code for pbxprompts.com, a site offering voice prompts for VoIP systems. The site included an ajax application for custom voice prompt creation, editing, and uploading. I performed usability studies and integrated the findings into the design. In addition, I managed a team of two interface designers and wrote code for voipsupply.com and its sister sites.

Front End Developer (2005-2007)
Aurora Consulting Group, Inc
East Aurora, New York

I led Fisher-Price’s multi-year transition from tables to CSS-based layout. I wrote C# view classes to generate standards-compliant XHTML, crafted CSS for the company’s brand sites, ensuring cross-browser compatibility with advanced layout techniques, and built JavaScript to handle common functionality across many brand sites, including a View Larger ajax implementation. I also designed the interface for Fisher-Price’s search application and a desktop music store application. I evangelized web standards to the company, giving many presentations on CSS, semantic XHTML, usability and accessibility.


Date APIs
Wrappers around Moment.js

Moment.js is a third-party date library. However, its API is confusing and not compatible with Gilt’s front end standards. These wrappers allow the use of moment.js’s logic without using its API.

Slideshow Application
Design Pattern Bingo

A JavaScript slideshow application using a client-side model-view-controller (MVC) architecture. The slideshow uses an ISlide interface to define a contract for slides, so that different types of slides can be inserted into a slideshow safely. Commands are used to manipulate the slideshow, and prototypal inheritance is used for various navigation components. Created in 2008, before the advent of easy JavaScript templating languages, I wrote a primitive schema parser to return compiled HTML for various types of standard platform content items.

Condé Nast
Site Relaunches

Wrote a substantial portion of the front end code for the core magazine publishing platform, including JavaScript and jQuery plugins. Architected the CSS for overall page layout and features. I think all these sites have redesigned by now.

  • golfdigest.com
  • gq.com
  • glamour.com
  • brides.com
Isn’t he cute?
A blast from the past

I wrote lots of code for the old Fisher-Price site. It’s pretty funny to look at now, but at least I have been writing good comments for a long time.


API design, architecture, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, Handlebars, CSS, MVC, design patterns
NPM, RequireJS, Jasmine, JSTL, C#/.NET, XML, Git, SEO, usability, accessibility, bash
Scala, Play, SQL, XSL, vim, graphic design, Visio

Recognition, Speaking, Writing

Wowsers! Gadgets for Holistic Web Detection
Distill Conference (2014)
EmpireJS (2014)

EmpireJS 2014: Imagine a three-dimensional space created by X, Y, and Z axes. On the X axis, resolution detection responds to the user’s screen size; on the Y axis device detection determines the right quantity of code for the device; and on the Z axis, feature detection further tailors the experience to the browser’s capabilities. With all users located at points within this three-dimensional matrix, a single application can be served to everyone.

If You Love It So Much, Why Don’t You Write a Wrapper Around It?
jQuery Conference (2013)

I spoke at jQuery Conference in Portland, Oregon, about when and how to write wrappers around third-party APIs, and why writing APIs like jQuery’s is good for jQuery but probably bad for you.

Highway to Somewhere: Building Front End Infrastructure for the Future
GothamJS (2012)

I gave a talk at the GothamJS conference about the front end build tools we created at Gilt Groupe, and about how to build long-lasting infrastructure.

MIN Digital Team of the Year (2008)
Condé Nast Digital Development + Services
Silver Davey Award (2007)
Fisher-Price Smart Cycle
Silver Davey Award (2006)
Fisher-Price Imaginext Dinosaurs
A List Apart (2005)
Hybrid CSS Dropdowns
The Zen of CSS Design (2005)

Design featured in the book by Dave Shea. “Tulipe is a prime example of CSS being used both intelligently and responsibly.”

CSS Zen Garden (2004)

Graphic design and CSS layout chosen for publication in the online showcase. The horizontal layout features CSS-driven dropdown menus which degrade gracefully for Internet Explorer.


Master of Architecture studies (2001-2005)
University at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York
3.75 gpa

Completed coursework and thesis defense. Thesis explores a translation from music to architecture through an analytic, reductive process.

Bachelor of Music (2000)
University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, Washington
3.79 gpa